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Astronomy and Space Themed Travel


Viewing Through Observatory Telescopes


*      McDonald Observatory 107" Special Viewing Night Review

*      McDonald Observatory 82" Special Viewing Night Review Major Update 2022!

*      McDonald Observatory 36" Special Viewing Night Review

*      Kitt Peak Observatory 16" RC Dark Sky Discovery Program Review

*      Mount Wilson 60" Hale Viewing Night Review

*      Mount Wilson 100" Hooker Viewing Night Review

*      Lowell Observatory 24" Alvan Clark Refractor Viewing Review

*      Sky Center RC 32" Review

*      Zeiss 12" Refractor at Griffith Observatory Review New 2023!


Observatory Visits and Viewing Programs


*      Sky Center 'Sky Night' at Mt Lemmon Review

*      A Visit to Sunspot Solar Observatory

*      A (Brief) Visit to Apache Point Observatory

*      A Visit to the Chamberlin Observatory in Denver

*      A Visit to Lowell Observatory

*      A (Brief) Visit to Lowell's Anderson Mesa and Happy Jack Sites

*      A Visit to the Lowell Discovery Telescope New 2023!

*      A Visit to McDonald Observatory

*      A Visit to the W.M. Keck Observatory Visitor Centre

*      A Visit to Lick Observatory

*      A Visit to Yerkes Observatory

*      A Visit to Mount Palomar Observatory

*      Astronomy Tour of Mauna Kea

*      A Brief Visit to the Very Large Array


Rocket Launches, Eclipses, Museums and Other Astro' Travel


*      A Visit to Florence on the Trail of Galileo

*      A Visit to Spot the Historic V2 Launch Site at White Sands

*      A Visit to Spaceport America

*      A Visit to The Marfa Lights Viewing Area

*      A Visit to Meteor Crater in Arizona

*      A Visit to SpaceX in Boca Chica

*      A Visit to see Blue Origin's Launch Site One

*      Apollo Hardware at the Kennedy Space Center

*      STP-2: Viewing a SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

*      How to see the SpaceX Starship in Florida

*      How to see the SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster in LA

*      My Great American Eclipse 2017

*      Volunteering at the Grand Canyon Star Party

*      A Visit to London's Science Museum

*      UFO in Kamchatka

*      A Visit to the the Adler Planetarium

*      Lunar Landscapes, Northern Lights Trek

*      The Low Gillerthwaite Dark Sky Discovery Site

*      Solar Viewing at the Astronomy Centre